We offer refunds only if you can demonstrate that you followed our program and did not achieve visible results. To qualify for a refund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Contact us before your subscription period renews;
  • Follow our program for at least 10 days within the first 30 days after purchase (for monthly and 4-monthly subscription periods) or at least 4 consecutive days within the first 7 days after purchase (for weekly subscription period).
  • Provide proof that you have followed the program by submitting screenshots from the app showing that you have completed the aforementioned workout sessions (for monthly and longer subscription periods).

We will review your request and notify you by email or otherwise whether your refund is approved. We reserve the right to decline any refund requests.


Please note that a refund is only available if all the above requirements are met. This Money-back Guarantee does not apply to any other situations.