Want To Stop And Maybe Even Reverse Aging? Try This




Nowadays, cold treatments are becoming more and more popular around the world. Spas, medical centers, and even gyms offer their clients cold therapy as an extra service. People often wonder about the benefits of cold treatments.

Today we will be answering this exact question. We will go into detail about different cold treatments and their health benefits.

Cold Therapy – A Way To Rejuvenate The Body

With age, our skin tends to get damaged which makes us look older. The skin loses its suppleness and becomes prone to blemishes, hence the need to treat it. So is cold exposure an effective solution?

As you age the wrinkles that appear on the face are often unpleasant to see. They might even be a source of insecurity. Cold treatments have been proven as a solution1 that helps tighten and heal your skin.


What Are Cold Treatments?

This practice rose to fame around the 1970s, especially in Japan. The Japanese appreciate it for its positive effects on health. Cold exposure was used to treat certain diseases, such as sclerosis and arthritis. It was also used for the relief of inflammation and muscle pain.

However, cold therapy has always been popular. Our ancestors believed that cold exposure made them stronger. They were on the right path. Contemporary studies have shown that exposure to cold is beneficial. It helps reduce tissue inflammation and effectively treats tissue lesions.

In recent years, cold treatments have been a staple in the beauty sector. They are used as a treatment against facial wrinkles and blemishes. It promotes the production of collagen, eliminating traces of aging on the skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Cold Therapy?

The main change during cold treatments is the reduction in tissue temperature. With it comes a lowering of the core body temperature. This sensory shock leads to the activation of the nervous system. This promotes the healing and repairing process throughout the body.

Cold exposure increases blood pressure and heart rate variability2. During exposure blood vessels constrict, reducing blood flow to areas of inflammation.

The Biggest Benefit Of Cold Treatments


Anti-aging is the most significant benefit of cold treatments. Whole-body exposure can help reduce cell damage, which contributes to aging.

According to a 2019 study, after just ten sessions of cold treatments, subjects had higher levels of antioxidants. This helps the body repair damaged skin and muscle cells. Which leads to a more youthful, healthier appearance.

The results of studies on this treatment of wrinkles are clear. The cold suppresses the development of wrinkles while reducing any present wrinkles3.

It also helps the body produce collagen and reduces inflammation. It also participates in the elimination of dead cells that are present on the skin. Thus, the skin regains its youth and becomes softer to the touch. Not only does the cold exfoliate the skin, but it also eliminates puffiness and redness.

The Problem With Cold Treatments

Cold Treatments may sound like a dream come true, yet it has one flaw. They are not the best solution for people who don’t want to expose their bodies to cold just to tighten their skin. Full-body cold treatments are not for everyone. Especially not for people who are prone to heart issues. Yet, there is a way anyone can get the benefits without risk.

Ice Globes – A Handheld Cold Treatment

Ice globes are made to give people access to the benefits of cold treatments. They solve the main issue people have with cold therapy. They only target your face and facial muscles. Meaning that you can enjoy their cold, wrinkle-reducing effect without a full body session.

The Ice Globes are made from freeze-proof glass. They contain medically graded antifreeze liquid. Best of all, they stay cold for up to an hour. The perfect tool to treat your skin.

With it, you can access a premium cold treatment at home!


Why Should You Use Ice Globes?

At a certain point in their lives, most women start seeing the effects of age on their bodies and skin. You start feeling like your skin is getting looser and more wrinkly while losing its shine.

You know your skin is aging and getting more wrinkly. But what can you do? If you want to keep a youthful look without expensive and invasive treatments, there is a solution.

With Ice Globes, you can use cold therapy to stimulate blood circulation and reduce puffiness. This increase in blood circulation to the skin will help it produce more collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin a plump, youthful look by keeping it from sagging. Ice Globes also help suppress the forming of wrinkles by tightening the skin.

How Do You Use Ice Globes?


With Ice Globes, you can enjoy a professional facial cold therapy session at home. Here is how you use Ice Globes:

  1. Place the ice globes in a freezer for as little as 30 minutes to an hour. For an optimal effect, leave Ice Globes to freeze overnight.
  2. Before using Ice Globes, remove any makeup and clean your face.
  3. Use a small amount of oil or serum to improve the effect of cold exposure.
  4. Gently start rolling over your outer brow, then slowly move down from the inner brow to the temple. From then on work upwards from the middle of the brow to the hairline. Finally, finish at the temples, and perform circular, slow motions.

It won’t take you more than 10 minutes!

Do you want to prevent and even reduce the aging process without spending thousands of dollars? Try Ice Globes out right now, and see why they have been a hit. Since its launch in 2018, Ice Globes has helped millions of women improve the appearance of their skin. Get the Ice Globe now and see why everyone is talking about it.

Ice Globe is inspired by decades of research into cold therapy. Celebrities and influencers have talked about the positive impact of cold treatments. They have been called the natural face-lift, which shows how effective they can be.

And now you can enjoy it too!